What I Offer

Through a balance of nutrition and supplements (when appropriate) I promote good health and quality of life as well as prevent and help overcome disease. I specialise in the following Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Programmes: *Anti-Ageing   *Adult's& Children’s health   *Cardiovascular health   *Digestive Disorders  *Food Allergies  *General Nutritional Advice & Support   *Sleeping Problems  *Immune System Support   *Nutri Clean Detox Programme   *Supplements   *Weight Loss Programme   *Women’s Hormonal Balance
Support & Guidance
You are more than what you eat…Whether you are just in need of a simple review of your diet or suffering from chronic disease, I will guide you on how to nourish and heal your body and mind.
Understand your body… I educate and coach my patients towards achieving their goals by following simple steps towards long-lasting and positive results.
Skype Consultations
The world is your oyster… Whether you are in the UK or abroad, I offer Skype consultations to patients worldwide.

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The Thames Clinic, Staines and Walton-on-Thames
E-mail: carmen@nutritiondiets.co.uk Phone: 07725 643525