What We Offer

Through a balance of nutrition and supplements (when appropriate) we promote good health and quality of life as well as prevent and help overcome disease. We specialise in the following Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Programmes:     *Anti-Ageing   *Adult's& Children’s health   *Cardiovascular health   *Digestive Disorders  *Food Allergies  *General Nutritional Advice & Support   *Sleeping Problems  *Immune System Support   *Nutri Clean Detox Programme   *Supplements   *Weight Loss Programme   *Women’s Hormonal Balance
Support & Guidance
You are more than what you eat…Whether you are just in need of a simple review of your diet or suffering from chronic disease, we will guide you on how to nourish and heal your body and mind.
Understand your body…We educate and coach our patients towards achieving their goals by following simple steps towards long-lasting and positive results.
Skype Consultations
The world is your oyster… Whether you are in the UK or abroad, we offer Skype consultations to patients worldwide.
The Thames Clinic, Staines and Walton-on-Thames
E-mail: carmen@nutritiondiets.co.uk Phone: 07725 643525